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10-10-2015, 05:14 PM
Have just reinstalled the operating system on my mac book air, but now can't get it to add Canon printer to the printer list - it comes up but the 'add' button won't light up to add it to the printer list. It appears in the Add printer list but says 'Software for this printer isn't available from Apple. Contact the printer's manufactuer for the latest software'. So downloaded software from Canon for OSx10.8 (Mountain Lion) but still the same message comes up. Any suggestions? Thanks!

10-10-2015, 05:57 PM
G'day and welcome to the forums.

Why re-install the operating system? Macs do not normally require that action. Are you running OS X.8 Mountain lion or another operating system? Go into System preferences > Print & Scan and highight3 the printer and hit the little (-) button and trying the (+) button after a reboot. Also check the padlock at the foot of the page is not locked. You cannot make any changes whilst it is locked. Click on it and a window will come up asking you to enter your password.

10-11-2015, 04:57 AM
Hi, I had to reinstall the operating system because I couldn't get rid of 'other' in the memory which was using up so much that the start up disc is full message kept coming up. However when I took it to my local Mac supplier they installed OSX.8 and now the Canon MP600 printer won't work with it. On the Canon website where I downloaded the software, under drivers the following message comes up:

"This product is not compatible with the operating system selected and no drivers will be made available. Please consider upgrading either your product or operating system to a model or version that is supported. If you wish to upgrade your product, you may be interested in checking our cashback page for current promotions and offers on new products. Alternatively, please select a different operating system to view the support available for this product."

So I'm not sure what to do next?

10-11-2015, 08:23 AM
What is strange is that the Apple dealer likely erased the hard drive and reinstalled the OS just because your hard drive was almost full. If they knew what they were doing they should have advised what was filling up the hard drive so you would have had the choice wether to delete or backup and then delete. There was no need to erase and install a new OS. I suspect you had an older OS and they though they were doing you a good turn by installing a newer OS.

You could leave the MBA as it now is and buy a new printer compatible with 10.8.5, or go back to the dealer and as they never consulted with you re the upgrade, ask them to reinstall the OS you had before so your printer would work again.

10-11-2015, 09:23 AM
Unless there's some part of the story we haven't heard yet or I'm misunderstanding something, those guys have questionable Mac knowledge at best. As I read your post the problem with "Other" taking up space is going to be back again as soon as you start filling the drive again.

10-11-2015, 02:58 PM
The guys in the store couldn't identify what was filling up the hard drive and when they came to transfer the files from the back up onto the laptop it was taking days literally! They thought that the problem files were probably in the back up and causing the problem with filling up the drive, so I agreed that they only transfer my documents and photos and delete everything else! It seems to be working fine now except I can't print... Looks like I will have to try a different printer.

10-12-2015, 01:22 AM
The printer you refer to is nearly 10 years old. Unsurprisingly, Canon opted to stop writing drivers for it quite some years ago. Get a new printer.