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03-10-2015, 09:53 PM
Hey guys,

I figured it would be ideal to post here and get my answers since Apple Support refuses to answer ANY of it. Please hear me out, I am baffled at the level of service provided by Apple themselves to justify the right thing.

I recently purchased an in-game app on 2/19/15 for the amount of $49.99 USD. At the time of the purchase, the game and iTunes server wasn't properly synced (possibly lag between servers) to where I was not credited within the game. Waited a few days thinking it would be later credited, it was not. I later received a receipt stating that I was billed for the amount purchased from iTunes via email. Thinking nothing more of it, on 2/23/15 I decided to call Apple Support line in order to get the issue resolved and refunded thus ended up speaking with a representative name Markessa.

Markessa handled the situation just fine and even made it clear to me the possibilities to why I was not credited hence listed above. She also mentioned that it would be a good idea to check with the developer of the app to see if there they could resolve my issue if it happens again and then proceeds to correct the problem by issuing the refund amount. I was placed on hold so that she could get the authorization for a few minutes and returned to later confirm that she will go ahead and finish the transaction of refunding me for that amount charged. She then told me that I would see the refund on my account for that amount in about 5 days and later thanked me for contacted them.

I was impressed with the level of service, but all of that was about to change. Two weeks passed and still, I was not credited back. I waited a few days giving Apple benefit of the doubt and still no luck. I decided to contact Apple Support through a live chat instead of a phone call this time. The representative name that I chatted with was Christopher R. He wasn't exactly helpful and seems to be on a rookie side in terms of service, but nevertheless, I asked him what seems to be the problem with my refund and why wasn't I credited for that amount? He stated that my request for the items in question was carefully considered, however, they are unable to provide a refund and then sent me a link to refer via iTunes Store Terms and Conditions. I asked him nicely why was I denied for a refund? He refuse to elaborate and continue to spam me the link to refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Even after providing him with more information and details in regards to my problem such as the case number of the last service representative, he refuses to help. Disgruntled, I asked that he directed me to his Senior Advisor due to the fact that he wasn't able to escalate my ticket. After 20 minutes of waiting to be transferred to his Senior Advisor who goes by the name Michael. He seems more knowledgeable than the previous representative which I would of expect from an advisor. Like the previous representative, he was not helpful in resolving my problem. What really made me angry was the fact that the first representative Markessa claims to have issued the refund, kept me waiting for almost three weeks just for them to say no at the last minute and refuses to provide me with any more service.

The audacity of Apple Support to promise one thing, then turns around and say another! They were unable to provide any documentations of the first conversation of their representative Markessa because it was over the phone. With that much money invested in Apple, you would of thought they be able to record all conversations over the phone. Michael keeps rebutting that he is unable to do nothing for me and tells me that he will try to investigate the cause and will return within 24 hrs to update me via email on the investigation. 36 hrs elapsed and I have yet to hear a word from Apple Support.

On 3/10/15, I decided to contact Apple Support via live chat a third time to see what was the hold up? The person I was talking to was Yvette (Note that it says Now chatting with Ron M. on top of the box). who was supposedly a representative. He was not helpful in providing me with any information and then later transferred me to his advisor Ron M. (Top of the box says Now chatting with Yvette) so I was a bit confused to whom I was talking to. Nevertheless, I proceeded to enlighten this Senior Advisor in regards to my problem and he bluntly told me no refund will be issued to my account and that it is disabled. Again, he refuses to inform me on the reason why and continue to spam me the Term and Conditions link.

I understand there are some exceptions in the term link about a one-time thing where Apple will issue a refund, but the fact that they agreed to issue a refund at the beginning of this ordeal and to later claim that they have no idea what I was talking about because it was a phone conversation thus wasn't able to verify and kept me waiting 3 weeks thinking that I would be credited and to finally changed their mind and say no refunds will be issued to my account. Senior Advisor was extremely rude and refuses to answer any of my questions when I pointed out why wasn't he able to trace my case number ticket of the first phone call? Why did YOU APPLE issued me a refund but denied it three weeks later? Why couldn't you informed me at the beginning instead of keeping me waiting for 3 weeks? Why he refuses to explain the details behind it and yes, I understand from an Inc. perspective that they cannot release any information in regards to my account for privacy reasons, but as the owner of the account, I want a better understanding to why I wasn't able to be refunded when I was promised at the beginning. Senior Advisor Ron M. claims that he could only check case notes, but not actual conversations and continue to send me more links of the Terms and Conditions for the 9th time.

The nerve of Apple Support to swindle money from its customers and refuses to assist them! Even when they are at fault for keeping me hostage for 3 weeks and refusing to do the right thing! I have screenshot proof of the entire conversation on live chat to back up the customer service that I have received. Never have I ever experienced anything like this before... EVER!! To be lied and cheated out of $50 when I've been a loyal Apple customer for almost 10 years! I am through with the Apple industry! I will be taking my money to Samsung and their products from here on out!

At the moment, I am still lost to how Apple could treat their customers so badly. What do you guys suggest? Was I at fault or have I been lied and cheated.

Rod Sprague
03-11-2015, 03:30 AM
I think in this case I would contact the developers of the app itself. Explain the situation ie you don't have what you paid for even though Apple have charged you for it.
You have proof of purchase in the form of a receipt from the App Store so you can prove that. They will probably suggest deleting the app and downloading it again from the Purchases history in iTunes.
I would suggest doing that on a computer, then sync with your device if you are using one (you didn't say if this was an OSX app or iPhone/iPad app). You may be surprised to find the update/in app purchase is now there.
From Apple's point of view you already have it and it just might turn out that you have.:D

03-11-2015, 08:05 AM
Another possibility - cancel the charge on your credit card with the reason being that you didn't receive the goods that you paid for. Apple can then work with the developer to determine the source of the problem.

Really, the onus shouldn't be on you to figure out what went wrong with their system. You purchased an item in good faith and didn't receive it, simple as that.