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06-06-2010, 10:32 PM
I am attempting to use iMovie '08 for a a movie project for school. I have some audio (a narration/voice-over) that I recorded on Audacity on my pc and saved as a compatible format. In my video I intend to use the voice over as a narration, and stick applicable photos and videos over the audio. My audio is divided into 3 different files which I was going to add to the movie separately, because in between the 3 files I have 2 video clips that I didn't know how long they were going to be before I recorded the audio. The first audio file was inserted into iMovie excellently, and I placed photo and video clips over it. I then put in my first long video clip which I didn't want to have a voice over on. I am now trying to place the second audio that I recorded *after* the long video clip, but I cant change the place where it starts. When I drag it into the project area, it immediately places itself directly at the end of my first audio voiceover, and consequently on the long video clip. How do I move it so it's not on top of my video clip, but after it? I am really at the last straw with iMovie '08, after dealing with the ridiculous system of importing EVERY photo through iPhoto first. Who at apple thought that was a good idea!?!? Thanks.


06-06-2010, 11:23 PM
It sounds to me that these audio clips you've created are being placed in the background. You can tell if they turn green and are under the other material as a big green background. I don't think that is what you should be doing.

Oh cool! You can click and drag that background audio left or right. Well, at least in iMovie 09 which is what I have. It seems to be called pinning. The color turns purple.

Try adding a picture (or video) and then drag an audio clip onto the picture. Does it turn into a green thin bar just below your picture? You can grab and slide that forward and backward to gain better placement. Also, you can set the ducking on that so it is the primary audio volume heard.