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02-24-2010, 02:55 PM

I have an iPhone 3GS currently jailbroken on firmware 3.1.2 with baseband 5.11.07 and bootloader 06.04. I jailbroke it with Blackra1n and unlocked it with blacksn0w (blacksn0w is in the package installed with blackra1n) to use on any network carrier. Now I am one of the unfortunate users with either an iPhone 3GS or an iPod Touch 3rd Gen that the jailbreak is teathered, meaning that whenever you switch the phone off or it runs out of battery - you have to re-run Blackra1n again to get your phone working again. Now as you can imagine this is very annoying.

So...... I've been looking around at a way to downgrade firmware to 3.0.1 wich is unteathered. NOW.... I know there are a lot of steps to do so. To downgrade firmware to 3.0.1 (from 3.1.2) and then to be able to unlock it, I need to first downgrade the baseband to 4.26.08 (from 5.11.07) so I can use Ultrasn0w to unlock to any carrier. But to downgrade basebands with Fuzzyband, you need to be on a bootloader lower than 5.8.

So.. Does anyone know how I can manage to unlock my SIM to any carrier on firmware 3.0.1 and baseband 5.11.07?? Because I know GeoHotz blacksn0w 5.11.07 unlock is only for firmware 3.1.2...


Thanks in advance! :)

P.S. this is my first post, so I hope I'm in the right section! :)

02-24-2010, 03:17 PM
Sorry, jailbreaking is a violation of the Apple EULA and we do not allow such discussions at Mac-Forums.

02-24-2010, 03:19 PM
ohh, haha oopppss. obviously wrong forum. sorry! ill just talk gen mac talk on here from now on :p

02-24-2010, 04:27 PM
Just because I feel bad for the guy, and at least to point him in the right direction...

Downgrading your firmware and/or baseband will not solve your problem. Apple changed the boot ROM in all 3GS's starting around October 2009. Currently, there is no way to perform an untethered jailbreak on any 3GS's produced after the change. This is regardless of the firmware & baseband you have installed. The firmware, baseband and boot ROM are all independent and unrelated. You are stuck with a tethered JB for now...

In the event that someone finds a workaround, here are two sites which will document and discuss it within minutes of it's release:

Apple, iPhone & iPad News | Forums | ModMyi.com (http://www.modmyi.com)


(mods shut it down)