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01-24-2010, 05:51 AM
Hey guys, I'm new here but I'm in a huge rut that I need to get out of.

In a nutshell - last week I restored my MacBook Pro - I had too many things on my computer and just wanted to start over, so I saved files and pictures that I didn't want to lose and restored it. When I did that, I didn't think about how I had used blackra1n to jail break my phone (specifically to use categories - that's it, I've always been super anal with my electronics) so when I went to sync my phone and back it up, iTunes wouldn't allow me to.

Well, 4 days ago, my iPhone fell out of my jacket pocket and the screen shattered.. I've replaced two screens before, one for a friend and one on my old 3g so I had done what I did before, got on eBay and ordered a new screen/digitizer. After installing it, I realized I was sent a defected digitizer, for those of you who have done this, the tab that connects it to the hd is bad, so when I tried to unlock my phone, when I would press the number 2, my phone would think I was pressing number 9 or some other random number, making it impossible to get into my phone. After trying for hours - my phone is now disabled and asks to connect to iTunes, when I connect with iTunes, a pop up appears telling me I need to enter my passcode before I can do anything...

So - I'm fine with restoring my phone to get into it but I NEED the contacts from my phone - pictures, videos, texts, etc. don't even matter to me at this point... It's just mainly numbers for clients, employees, etc. that I can't afford to lose. So pleeeease tell me there's a way I can either hack the passcode to my phone so I can sync it properly with iTunes or sync it using a different program, because right now I have NO backup at all for the phone.



01-24-2010, 08:04 AM
This guide here should do the trick it might be a little cumbersome.

How To Recover Your iPhone Files, Photos, Contacts, Notes, SMS, Call History, Etc. (http://menoob.com/iphone/how-to-recover-your-iphone-files-photos-contacts-notes-sms-call-history-etc/)

Hope this helps, please keep us updated.

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01-24-2010, 10:45 AM

He is not asking how or where to jailbreak he is simply asking how to access his contacts etc..

05-01-2015, 10:07 PM
Hello I am currently in the same conflict. Did you ever find out how to do this if you did please respond how thanks