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10-05-2009, 03:51 AM
Hi, I'm a newbie at this forum and this topic, so please excuse if this should be an obvious fix... I have googled for hours and hours, and everytime i get a little further in my quest a larger problem arises..

My aim: To put a segment of a TV program to iMovie to do some slight editing, then upload to youtube / facebook (the content is of myself so I'm not stealing publishing or breaching etc)

I recorded TV on the weekend, to my HDD player (Model Sony RDR-HXD 890) , and did some quick deleting of the adverts etc before having a compilation of the show in one file.
The outputs my player offers are RCA / AV cables and an S Video out, as well as a DVD burner. I tried several cords i have around my house to try to get my macbook to recognise it as a 'video camera' in imovie, or anything at all.. ... no success. I searched for drivers, different types of cords i could possibly use etc etc.

First problem: If I purchased a RCA to Firewire cable, would this help? Or do I need a specific 'converter' such as a 'VIDEO CAPTURE' device?
Most of the sites that have similar devices are for analog to DV, and i would assume the HDD player is already digital?

My second attempt at this was to burn it to DVD, and extract and convert the files for use in iMovie. I downloaded Mac The Ripper, and iSkysoft iMedia converter in an attempt to convert the file from VOB to either AVI or MP4 etc

Second Problem: When converted to AVI there is no audio at all??

Third Problem: The length of the video file SHOULD be over 9 mins... upon playing the video in VLC the whole segment plays no problem, but the total time says 1:22, and the timeline starts from 0:00 in random places.
This has created the problem that when I convert the VOB file to anything else, it cuts off / only converts 1:22 instead of the whole 9 mins plus.

HELP!!! I'm almost ready to throw my computer out the window!!

10-06-2009, 02:46 AM
I got it sorted! Its all good now!
I found that somehow upon burning the DVD had corrupted - resulting in the time change.
I re-burnt on the highest slowest quality, and tried it all again.
Only negative is that the audio has a slight 'clicking' noise every few seconds upon converting it to mp4.
If anyone is interested in watching what it was:
YouTube - FLYTE on CHANNEL 7's TELETHON 2009 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKKnekuRr30)

10-06-2009, 04:59 AM
Another tool to try converting the VOB file is MPEG StreamClip. I personally avoid AVI files when I have the choice.

I listened to the YT video and I didn't here the clicking you mentioned.

It looks like that video should have been widescreen.

I like your tag line. It made me LOL. :)