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08-20-2009, 12:59 AM
Ok well I have been going about my business and LOVING the mac for almost a year now I think. Well I have a 297 gig hard drive on my mac book. and i just realized i have 40gigs left, WTF!!!

I have few movies, few tv shows. It looks like the IMAP was downloading everything so i took care of that, but it seems like all pictures in iphoto have duplicates, why is this?

Also not sure what else to delete? I guess i have to go back and read all the noob facts again and figure it out. I am a little upset but it will work out.

Also which style is it for an external where mac and pc can read it? I forget and i am about to wipe an external to use as my tv/movie one and want the wife to be able to watch also.

Thanks for the tips all. I plan on doing much more reading and figuring it out. It was so easy to just take off and have no issues, no i am all, ahhh wtf i need to learn more, lol.

Anyone recommend a good way to consolidate and delete extra itunes music? I tried to consolidate it through itunes but it did not work, itunes bug? And i have around 110gigs of music i am still sorting becuase of an epic hardrive external fail so i have to re do everything! So how to make all itunes in one folder and get rid of doubles?

08-20-2009, 03:01 AM
You could try installing a NAS and installing your iPhoto and ITunes databases there.