View Full Version : Saving stills in imovie8! Driving me crazy

08-17-2009, 01:24 PM
I want to capture stills from an imovie project. (Have imovie6HD, and though I actually know how to control it far better, especially for this purpose, did a comparison from same video (mini-DV) importing it into both 8 and 6. For some reasons I don't understand, the stills look considerably better from imovie8 - crisper, more contrast, ie.needing less Photoshop work, etc. )
So went to "right-click method" in imovie8 - "save as still frame" - a major trial in itself, as each time I do that, a 4-second, many-thumbnailed clip, pops into the project at the end, and takes me to the end of the clips in the project. That means having to go back up and searching for where I left off in the video - every single time! A real pain!

Went though the pain for a few clips - which leads me to the really crazy part/my question.
Ended up with some folder called "Stills" - filled with the perfect jpgs.

I don't know how I got to that folder (believe it or not)! And no matter how I search, I can't find that folder in my Mac! Nor can I find any docs called "Still" though that's how those 18 photos were named - Still 1, Still2, etc.
However, when I go to Preview, and go to "Open recent" the last 6 of those "Stills" in that folder are there, and are openable. So they must be on my Mac somewhere.
Please someone, tell me where those stills go from imovie8. THAT's the folder I need!

Thanks much in advance. (And pardon my stupidity, if it's that...)

Where do those "Stills" go? How can I access that/folder?

08-17-2009, 02:18 PM
Just found it! - kinda....
Right-clicked on one of the saved "stills" (the multi-thumbnailed clips)in the project window, and last choice was "Reveal in finder."
That took me to the "Stills" folder imovie8 was apparently making for me. I quickly took the now 30 stills in there and moved them into my own folder, which I move into Documents, where I CAN find it.

I did NOT however, find a way of finding out where that "Stills" folder is being created and held. I still find it strange that the "File-Find" cannot find the folder or the docs, nor can Adobe Bridge, etc. Still wondering where it is...in the Mac? Administrator? User? Library? etc.... Strange...very.

08-17-2009, 03:48 PM
You found the stills, so I don't under stand when you say "I did NOT however, find a way of finding out where that "Stills" folder is being created and held.".

Anyway, use Comman-Click on the title on the top of the Finder window that popped up and you'll see a list of where you are.