View Full Version : Trying to install Vista 64x via Boot Camp

04-02-2009, 09:13 AM
I installed BootCamp on my Macbook, when I try and update the drivers with the leopard install disk it gives me an error saying Vista 64x is not compatible with this machine. (or something relativly close to that) I have read the apple install notes for both 2.1 and 2.0. The OS seems to run fine at first glance however I cannot get some of the most important functions (to me) to work. The airport won't pickup any networks (I live in a huge neightboorhoood probably 20+ wireless networks), my external monitior will not pickup either, so currently I am stuck with the 13" screen. I downloaded update 2.1 and when I click to install it will not launch, Im positive its not running in the background as I have checked the task list and there were no other windows up to hide it.

The specs-
New gen macbook
Vista Ulitmate (not sure if any updates have been installed)
Newest edition of Leopard

All the these fuctions I have found not to work on Vista have been working in Leopard.