View Full Version : iTunes on a wifi network whats the best way for me to set it up

03-12-2008, 04:45 AM
Ive been trying to get this to work for a while now and ive go to the point where i think i need some help.

In the simplest terms i want to access my itunes music over my wifi network, rather than having the music on the laptop or an external usb drive.

I have the following hardware

Wifi router which supports 801 n - which is ideal for streaming
A 500gb freecom network drive which is connected to the router
Intel Powerbook
Apple TV
A dodgy vista pc
A media streamer radio.

So basic terms I want my apple tv and powerbook to access my itunes on the freecom drive.

Now i understand that the apple tv would need to connect to an open itunes library to work.

The issue i seem to be having is that i cant see any content on the freecom drive. Is this a problem with how itunes works or my network setup. I can see the content fine using vista pc

the powerbook seems to connect to the drive but not show anything ?

Also would like to hear if anyone has managed to set up an itunes server and got it working.

Also to use my media streamer radio, ive installed trial of twonkymedia which seems fine, but would rather use something freeware or if theres something itunes does already that suits this can someone point me in the right direction

ideally i would like itunes running in one place and be able to sync from there accross the network.