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    mac book pro 2013 for music production??
    Hi! I have the chance to buy a MacBook Pro retina 15,4", late 2013, with 256gb SSd, intel core i7 2ghz, 16gb ram for 1200 Eur. Is this a good deal!!!????!! How long will it last? Itīll be used for music production. Thanx!

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    mac book pro 2013 for music production??
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    Retina MBP 15" 2.6 1TB ssd/16gig ram /30" dell 3008. and bunch of other mac/apple stuff
    not sure if 1200eur is a good deal for that model. Something tells me that sounds high, but perhaps the people here across the pond from me can comment. (Im in Canada). The 2013 models run hotter than the 2014 (I know I had both...) so fan noise can be an issue.

    I use a 2014mbp similar specs though with a 2.6 i7, and a 1TB drive as a main pro tools machine. Its bare minimum for me, and Im only tracking mostly, mixing I have over 12grand in universal audio racks with DSP to take the load off the Mac. Unless you really need portability, consider the newly released Mac minis, they're little hotrods for audio!

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