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    Question What is the best way to fix an overheating issue on a Macbook Pro 13 in. from 2009?
    I bought my 13 inch Macbook Pro in the Summer of 2009. It has the 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 memory with the upgraded 320 GB hardrive.

    Okay from reading around I found out that basically every awful thing you can do while using/charging your computer, I have made terrible habits out of (i.e. putting my soft case underneath while using/charging the computer, putting it on top of a soft surface like a pillow while using/charging, etc.). As a result, my computer gets very hot and my battery life has gone down considerably. Also, as I was just poking around the other day I was looking at the "About This Mac" section, and clicked "More Info..." and under the "Power" tab I found that under "Health Information -> Condition" it says "Check Battery" (only reassuring me further that I messed up the battery).

    Can anybody point me in a direction on how to fix this issue? Whether it be a new batter, or a new fan, or simply just a way to better find out what needs to be done (in addition to breaking my stupid user habits).

    Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!

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    What is the best way to fix an overheating issue on a Macbook Pro 13 in. from 2009?
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    If you use it on battery then a an investment in a new battery will be worthwhile. But the battery age/condition won't really be impacting the overheating issue.

    Either get someone to take a look at it for you or, if you're confident in minor under-the-bonnet work head to the iFixit website and take a look at the fan replacement instructions for your model of Mac.

    The fan may not need replacing per se but this guide will help you extract it so it can be carefully cleaned and reassembled.

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    What is the best way to fix an overheating issue on a Macbook Pro 13 in. from 2009?
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    I agree taking the back off may revel that with all the use on soft surfaces you have sucked in a lot of dirt and or small pieces of cloth. I noticed this on my mother-in-laws macbook pro when upgrading the ram.

    If i am not mistaken Apple will install a new battery for you for about $150 don't quote me on that price.
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