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    Talking Old timer looking for help in ordering ibook!

    I haven't used a modern Mac in many years. My current Mac is a personally built "black" Color Classic moded with a LC575 MB, 40mhz. 68040 CPU & bus speed, 128 MB Ram, 640X480 Color Monitor (built in), internal LS-120 SuperDrive with black wireless keyboard, so that should tell everyone how ancient my knowledge is. I love it but that 9" screen is getting a little small for my old eyes.

    I'm deeply interested in the 12" ibook and would like to know if it's possible to order a discounted or "rebate offer" site ibook with the bluetooth added. The 30GB HD doesn't bother me any as I've been using my Mystic with only 2GB HD and have plenty of room to spare. As you can guess, I don't go in for filling up my machine with anything I don't absolutely use: no games, no chatting, no music, just plain working machine with internet use. I'll probably take 70% of the software off of the new ibook as soon as I get it. I "would" like to go with a 5400 (5200?)rpm HD and lots of ram just to speed up things I'll be working on though (drafting, lots of redraws). Any advice there? I worry a little about excess noise and heat from the faster HD. It doesn't have to be bigger but if the faster speed time HD's are only available in larger sizes then I guess I'll have to.

    Thanks for any comments to an old timer!


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    Old timer looking for help in ordering ibook!
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    well, os x alone takes up 3 gigs, so, most hd's aren't very noisy, and those that are are usually about to die, laptops have a 5400 rpm hd, most do, desktops are 7200 or more.
    I don't know of many sites that'll let you order a bto ibook or powerbook, powerbooks come with bluetooth already installed by default, ibooks do not, might let you order an ibook with a bt module, or maybe

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    Old timer looking for help in ordering ibook!
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    If you don't want that powerful of an ibook and plan to take all the software off your new ibook then why don't you just go on ebay and find a ibook g3 for cheaper, instead of buying a new one.

    I found my ibook g3 on eBay, and I got it for a steal.

    30gb hdd

    Got it all for $435

    The guy I bought it from has a lot in stock I suppose.

    If you want I could give you his id on ebay, he also has a lot of good reviews.

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    Old timer looking for help in ordering ibook!
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    Try to check the sales Apple has on its online store at least twice a week, i saw an iBook 12" 1.2ghz 256mb RAM 30gb HD combo drive for $850 a month ago but i haven't checked it lately.

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    Old timer looking for help in ordering ibook!
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    Best of luck with the iBook :-) You're going to love Panther.
    My original Mac was a Black & White 10" screen Classic ~ still miss "Happy Mac" & the fat Trash Can :-)
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    Old timer looking for help in ordering ibook!
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    Check and scroll down to see the red tag on the right that says "Sale."

    As of today (3/23/05) they have a few Certified 12" iBooks for $799.

    Good luck!

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    EDM yo
    Yep, check out the refurb section. Just picked up my iBook 1.2 for $849 with 1 yr warranty. I'm not a big fan of the used ones on ebay ... my HP laptop croaked after just a year of having it (about 3 weeks after the warranty expired), so I'd rather pay a few bucks more and get a warranty.

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    Wait, $849??? I wanna know where you got that at.

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    Old timer looking for help in ordering ibook!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bwoody06
    Wait, $849??? I wanna know where you got that at.
    The refurb/sale section of the Apple Store. There are still a few listed on there with those specs.

    I got my iBook there for $900 a while back.

    14" Screen
    1Ghz G4
    40 GB HDD
    512 MB RAM
    AirPort Extreme

    all for only $900...and it still comes with the same warranty a new one does and you can still get AppleCare for it. Sometimes having the latest and greatest isn't always what its cracked up to be...especially when you can get a model that is less than a year old for $100's less!
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    I totally i agree, Thats why ebay, and the apple refurb section is becoming my best friend.

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