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    Correct sata cable for adding an ssd
    The hard drive in my Macmini late 2012 2.5 failed and Iíve replaced it and added an ssd in the upper bay for the OS. On boot disk utility sees the hdd but not the ssd. I know this is a bit fiddly and I may just have got something slightly skewed but it may also be that Iíve got the wrong sata cable. I bought apple part no 076-1412 but from what Iíve read it should be an 076-1360. Am I right? Thanks.

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    Correct sata cable for adding an ssd
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    Check for the correct part and placement at iFixit: The Free Repair Manual.

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    Thanks for the replies which have both really helped. I realise that Apple stuff is rarely simple and it's taken me a while to tease out the details of this. I think my mini is the standard late 2012 configuration, with the original HDD fitted just under the antenna grid. This is the lower bay I think. Anyway I used the I Fixit guide, amongst others, to add the SSD, and I've now found the I Fixit part number for their cable - 076-1413. PowerbookMedic lists 076-1413 as having 2 alternative part numbers - 076-1360 and 076-1391. So it looks a like I'm right. PowerbookMedic describes 1412 as for a lower bay, mini server. The Amazon seller I bought it from had customer reviews saying it worked fine and there are a fair few Amazon UK sellers and they all offer 1412, And finally, my unibody number is different. The listings all give it as 821-1501-A, but mine is 810-4468-A. PowerbookMedic lists it, but says nothing more about it. Should I buy cable 1413?

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    Correct sata cable for adding an ssd
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    Should I buy cable 1413?

    I would contact the seller(s) and provide them your specs and I'm sure they would be able to tell you what cable you need.

    PS: There are several sites on the 'net you can use to enter your Mac model number and serial number that you will find on the label on the bottom, often in tiny print, that will give you full details on your particular model.

    - Patrick

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    Thanks Patrick. I did write to the seller and they’ve just replied saying they’ll send me the correct part.

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