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    Any Noticeable diffrences in a 2014 I5 vs 2014 I7 Imac?
    Any noticeable differences between late 2014 I7 4Ghz vs I5 3.5GHZ? with the same 295x card ?

    Also is $1,350 a fair price for a late 2014 I7, 32G ram with 500G SSD drive, 295x card?

    or should I opt for the I5 same specs with a 1TB Fusion drive for a couple bucs cheaper.

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    Any Noticeable diffrences in a 2014 I5 vs 2014 I7 Imac?
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    These are very personal decisions to make depending on the type of use a person is expecting from their Mac; but for me, I'd always go for the SSD rather than a Fusion Drive.


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    Any Noticeable diffrences in a 2014 I5 vs 2014 I7 Imac?
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    I would go for the i7 and the SSD. But that is my opinion. Ultimately you have to decide.

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    Any Noticeable diffrences in a 2014 I5 vs 2014 I7 Imac?
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    I also would go for the full SSD first, then everything else is just better, in my opinion. But, a “couple bucs cheaper” could be the real deciding factor.
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    Any Noticeable diffrences in a 2014 I5 vs 2014 I7 Imac?
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    you will notice the difference in an SSD

    over a fusion drive.

    so that may be the best deciding factor for you.
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    Any Noticeable diffrences in a 2014 I5 vs 2014 I7 Imac?
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    SSD and i7 for mine. The additional cost of the i7 repays when it is time to move and sell the machine. Avoid Fusion Drives like the plague as they are last decades IT and pretty limited. The i7 will serve you just great.
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