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    iMac hardware failure? Canít ping both routers
    Iíve got a customer with an iMac (waiting on screenshot of About this Mac)
    Mac OS 10.13 and itís approx 4-5 years old
    It canít ping both BT routers either wired or wireless. Other devices work fine on both their routers
    Itís had a fresh install of Mac OS by restarting and holding down Cmd & R
    It obtains an IP address and have tried using Google for DNS
    Does this sound like a hardware failure?
    They have not tried clearing the PRAM yet

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    If it got an IP address successfully, it's communicating with the router. However if the IP is self generated, it may well not be. So, what's the IP number it shows? (Normally, IP numbers issued by routers are either in the range of 192.168.x.y or 10.10.x.y. A number starting with 169 is internally generated and not from the router.

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    The DHCP lease has been refreshed when switching routers and itís a 192.168.1.x IP each time same subnet as the BT Hub 6 and the other one a Hub 4

    Really odd that it gets an IP but canít ping router!

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    Iíve accidentally fixed the problem by removing McAfee Total Security as it was crashing when I tried to open it earlier

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    I’ve accidentally fixed the problem by removing McAfee Total Security
    I don't remember the number of times I've seen problems solved by removing AV apps which are totally unnecessary for Macs as there are no viruses in the wild which affect Macs. And these AV products not only mess up your Macs, but don't detect the malware which can affect any computer. does this job for free.

    Bottom line: you don't need AV products on a Mac


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