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    iMac 21.5" mid-2010 missing stand - need advise
    I've searched around the internet, viewed a ton of videos, but nothing has really clicked, or seemed like it fits my issue. That and the millions of times that I've seen where people have said it was impossible to remove the mount, I'm just dumbfounded at the moment.

    So to start off, I came by a mid-2010 iMac 21.5" computer that did not have a stand. It was gone, missing. No clue what happened to it, however I know that at one time the iMac was mounted with some sort of possible VESA connection, perhaps? All I know is that it was mounted facing up for the company that used it. Anyways, after it was discarded and left to gather dust, after several months, it came into my possession.

    So I looked around and thought that I found a stand that was supposed to work for it, and ordered it. Just got it today, and I realize that I didn't get any of the torx screws that are supposed to come with it.

    The main issue that I'm having is that I see the latch mechanism and screw holes of the bracket inside the iMac, but that part of it is tilted inwards, like how I've seen people when they "lock" the stand in place. There's no latch that I can find to depress to "unlock" it, so I'm not able to pop the latch mechanism backwards so that I can attach what I hope is the correct stand to the iMac, even IF I had the correct screws. (Just saw I could get some off of Amazon for cheap, so I may do that).

    Since the iMac is pretty filthy (lots of carbon build-up inside it) I was going to disassemble it and give it a thorough cleaning (or as best as I could). My initial question is: Will I need to take it fully apart to unlock the latch mechanism, or am I missing something? I'm going to try to add pictures to explain what I've got.

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions offered!

    Used iMac Stand.jpg

    iMac Stand Slot.jpg

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    iMac 21.5" mid-2010 missing stand - need advise
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    Quite often eBay has iMacs of that vintage for sale as not working. That may be the shot. New stands are $108.00 also on
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