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    Jul 27, 2010
    When Mobileme goes away, what happens?
    Okay, so I've been in a fickle trying to create an online portfolio and its just now making sense to me. I've been using iWeb and I have Mobileme.

    My domain is hosted through but I will be moving it to another host as I'm still within my 60 days. Inmotion seems to have good reviews, so I may try them.

    Anyway, I have my website setup and it seems to be running okay. But what will happen to it when Mobileme goes away?

    Thanks, any advice will be helpful

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    You are asking what will happen to your iWeb site?

    You wont have any web space on iCloud, but you can continue to use iWeb to construct sites and then upload them via FTP to any new webhost you get

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    Jul 14, 2011
    I read this...I had no idea..I have a IWebsite too..and no idea how to use that FTP.
    So..this means..the whole easy way of " publish my site" will disappear?
    I do not have an FTP do I have to do all this...

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    Jul 14, 2011
    I think I will get into trouble with all this....I have several sub-iwebsites, all connected to the main domain name..
    Hope I can figger allt his out.
    maybe time to stop with Iweb and find another solution....:-(

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    If you're hosting your site somewhere other than MobileMe, then nothing changes for you.
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    Thansk for the reply..but I will have to upload everything with FTP. I only have a domain name which redirects my mac-iwebadres. I do not work with FTP , no idea how to do all that.
    Where I have my domain name...there they have to give me an FTp adres etc, I understand.

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    Transmit is a really nice (but not free) FTP application. CyberDuck is the one I use, and is free. You drag and drop into its GUI after you connect to your server address. As you stated, your web host will provide that information for you. You'll need the user name and password (which you set up) Usually the web host will give you a temporary server address until your domain is active, and then you'd normally be able to simply use your domain name (

    Make sure to use SFTP. The S stands for "secure". Also, you don't normally ever want to use anonymous. Stick to SFTP.


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    Jul 14, 2011
    Thank you, I use to have cyberduck...I use to have a forum somewhere :-)

    I also found this information on the apple site:

    MobileMe: How to move an iWeb site from MobileMe to another web hosting service

    I have Iweb'9 so, when I have the right information, login etc should be a peace of cake..I hope ;-)

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    I hope someone from Apple reads these postings because I want to tell them that this really sucks! I love iWeb and have really enjoyed the iWeb, MobileMe, iDisk integration. Now what? All that wonderful, elegant, sophisticated integration down the tubes. It's a lousy trick to play on us. Sure, I can go back to FTP transfers, with no iDisk, just like I used to use years ago on my old Dell PC. That's not what I call progress.

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    I will miss the iWeb/MobileMe/iDisk integration as well, but won't miss spending $100 a year for it.

    I think (my opinion) that this is Apple's "gentle" way of encouraging -- without specifically endorsing -- alternative options that are actually more powerful and in some ways easier to accomplish the kind of things people want to do with websites nowadays. I think Apple support got tired of questions like "how do I set up a storefront on my iWeb site" and "how can I edit an iWeb site on a different Mac or a PC?" etc.

    The truth of the matter is that iWeb really needed a complete overhaul, not least of which in order to make its generated code cleaner and more editable outside iWeb. Apple has chosen not to devote the resources to do this, in part because programs like Rapidweaver (et al) do it a lot better.

    As for uploading, WebDAV and built-in FTP in some web-building programs make the process pretty much just as easy as MM publishing.

    Finally, iDisk isn't really going away -- it's shrunk down to 5GB in "available" space, but has actually grown in size since photo-streams and certain other things don't count against that space. For those who use the iDisk primarily to host photo and video galleries, Flickr Pro ($25/year) is actually a fantastic deal (while not quite as stylish, I'll admit).

    For people like me who hosted podcasts on our iWeb-generated, MM-hosted websites, it's a little bit more of a change -- but frankly I'd been itching to move to Wordpress anyway, and so really the only thing I have to do that I wasn't going to do anyway is find new hosting for the podcast files and adjust the RSS feed. A little bit of a PITA, yes, but not really that big a deal if one accepts the concept that things change every few years no matter what you do.

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    Maybe if we get lucky we will have access to third party apps that will pick up at least part of the slack.

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    Apr 25, 2012
    What next after MobileMe, why, MacMate of course....
    fits perfect:

    signed up yesterday, all transferred over. nuff said.

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    a) you screwed up the link (but at least we know the address, thanks for that).

    b) More expensive than the whole of Mobile Me. Not really a great deal IMO, but all I really need is website hosting so perhaps I'm biased.

    c) Making your first-ever post a plug for a commercial website is likely to get you reported as a spammer.

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