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    Big Dreamweaver cs4 problem

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    Mar 03, 2009
    Big Dreamweaver cs4 problem
    Im in desperate need for some help on dreamweaver cs4.

    The problem lies with the ap divs. When a nested div expands the outer box does not grow with it.

    So basically

    I have #container, within this I have #main, and within this I have #textarea. When I type text into the #textarea, the #textarea div grows as stretches as text overfills. However, the #main div stays the same size as well as the #container. It means that when you view the page both the boxes stay at a certain size but the text continues down below the design area.

    Help appreciated greatly!!!!

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    Big Dreamweaver cs4 problem

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    Jan 29, 2010
    I have the same kind of problem not long ago and the way I find to resolve it it's to put a scroll bar in my DIV, because its seems that even if you put a certain height in the div box panel it will grow if you put more text. So go in your textarea# div css rule definition and under the positionning panel, go to overflow and choose scroll(this put a scrolling bar at the bottom and right side of your text) or auto( this put a scrolling bar where needed, in your case on the right) and then choose the height, this should work


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