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    Overlap on many web pages
    I love my MacBook, but on many web pages I get a lot of overlap of the writing on the page. Things just dont line up properly. For instance, I was looking at my W-2 just now and the dollar amounts don't appear below the column headers as it should, but on top of or only half way down on the header lettering.I have tried both Firefox and Safari but it looks the same. I also have a PC desktop and everything looks the way it should on it. As I said, this misalignment happens on many web sites when viewed on my mac, but look fine on my PC. Any ideas?


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    If it doesn't display well in Firefox, then my assumption is the site wasn't written with anything but IE in mind. (Kind of an archaic mindset with FF's piece of the user pie growing everyday!) I'm sorry I can't offer up any answer for you other than to try to view it on a PC using IE. (Did I really say that?)

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    Thanks John
    That would explain it. If that is the reason, there are many web sites that don't support macs.

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    I do not think that that is the reason as safari is usually pretty good at handling scripts for IE, but currently i do not have a solution to your problem so wait for someone more knowledgeable to come around!

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    Just out of curiosity, have you tried viewing some of these pages with Firefox and Safari running on a Windoze machine? The results from this could be most interesting.
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