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    The easiest thing... ever!
    First time I've really had to play with Mr. new iBook, man I'm impressed!

    Getting this thing on the Internet was *so* easy - I literally plugged in the network lead and it was done! (Never really had that much probem with 'doz, but wasn't this easy)

    It just works! The graphics are mint, navigation is awesome, and it's all quite plush

    An impressed semi-convert.

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    The easiest thing... ever!
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    Hey pitythefool!

    I know what you mean - i got the same 'book as you and the whole 'setup' thing was so confoundly easy & simple it's unbelievable...

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    The easiest thing... ever!

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    This type of things always make me feel warm and tingly...

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    Using this thing makes me feel warm and tinlgly!...

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    I pity da foo' who thinks otherwise

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    No offense, I just had to post this pic since it relates to this thread:

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