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    Task Manager for the mac
    OK, I'm new at all this mac stuff but slowly learning. I'm trying to install a program onto my iMac. I double click the setup file in the .DMG root file and I get a box that pops up that says it's initializing the install. But when that box goes away nothing else happens. It never goes to the next step of actually installing the program. In the M$ world I could go look in the Task Manager to see if there were still tasks running or see if something was no longer responding. I've got two questions, first... Anyone have any thoughts as to why the program won't install, and second... Is there a Task Manager type client with OS X?


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    Quote Originally Posted by jskwarek View Post
    Is there a Task Manager type client with OS X?
    Type 'Activity monitor' in to the spotlight search box

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    Or you can go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.

    However, if you just want to see the running applications, much like the "Applications" tab in Windows task manager, then hit Command+Option+Esc to bring up the force quit menu. Here you can force quit a non-responding program. Force quit can also be brought out by clicking the apple icon in menubar, and then "Force Quit".

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    it may help to tell us what program you are trying to install

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    yea what program is it? because if it is not universal or ony for PPC macs or vice versa then it wont work......

    also do a spotlight search and see if anything installed because maybe it installed faster than the human eye!
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    Thanks guys, I got it figured out. I was trying to launch the Setup file directly from the .DMG and I needed to extract all the files to a new folder before running setup.

    All is well now.


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