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Thread: 24" or 20" IMac

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    24" or 20" IMac
    I am currently using a 19" monitor (not widescreen) on my PC for photo editing. I am planning on ordering an IMac as soon as Leopard is released but I am not sure about the display size. I would prefer the 24" display for higher resolution and space but I am wondering if it is comfortable to work comfortably on such a large display. I am not very tall (5' 3") and I do not want to look up at the screen. I understand that the height is not adjustable but that the viewing angle can be changed. Would appreciate feedback from forum members.

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    Have you looked at both in person? I don't think your height is going to be an issue as long as you have a seat that gets you into a comfortable typing position.

    I would recommend looking at both in person. The 24" screen did take some getting used to, that is for sure. I think for me, I prefer the 24".

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    I saw both iMacs at a my local Союз a week ago or so, and if I didn't need the portability of a MBP, I'd DEFINITELY be going for the 24 inch.

    I agree with illy5603 that larger monitors can take some getting used to, but the adjustment period is short, and the difference is incredible. Whenever I can, I always hook up to the largest possible screen.

    I don't think you'll regret the extra investment.


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    Having to much screen is equal to having to much money.
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    You will never regret having a larger screen. It enables so much more. Do you work on spreadsheets? How many times have you wanted to view two of them side by side? Do you edit images? Think Photoshop palettes - extra real estate on screen lets you work with more of them while still retaining a full view of the image you are working on. Do you do email (and who doesn't). How many times have you wanted to have an email on screen while you composed the reply, thus letting you easily see the original and the reply?

    As you think about this, you can probably come up with twenty other reasons why more on screen real estate will benefit you. Plus, that 24" iMac screen is simply drop dead gorgeous. It is the nicest screen I have ever seen.

    If height is an issue, make sure you have a good chair, and do what my wife does - she adjusted the chair to the right height and then went out and got a $20 foot rest. Works perfectly.

    Go for the 24"!
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    As someone who is conditioned (on a PC) to working with two monitors in photoshop, corel, premiere and a few other apps... I'm being swayed by the 24" monitor as a way to have my cake and eat it too. I'm taking the advice of others here and waiting until Leopard is bundled and then I'll probably make this move. But since I intend to keep loads of stuff on my pc for the next year or so... I will have a separate monitor for that. What I might try to figure out is whether I could also add _that_ 19" monitor to the iMac. You can never have enough monitor space.

    This is like buying a widescreen TV. I shopped until I was blue in the face looking at 50"-52" screens and then one day my son told me I should buy the 62" because I'd just be wondering about the 62" for years if I went the other way. So I got the 62" Mitsubishi DLP and have never looked back.

    Do like Mac57 said... invest in a decent ergonomic chair that will adjust to make _you_ comfortable... and make it comfortable for you to use the iMac.


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