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Thread: My Final Thread

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    See the wink in Cloudane's post? it was a joke...

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    *nods to murlyn*

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    Did anyone notice Vuschejan's post??? The only reason why yours didn't come with a Mic port (or was it a free USB mic???) was because you bought yours second hand OR you bought your iBook when it was 800Mhz. If you bought it when there was only 800Mhz for the iBook, I understand your argument.

    Sorry about your bad experience with Apple, it's not nice to be dissapointed in a product you were orginally looking forward to

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    In all fairness I have found that, that is life when it come to computers. I belong to many forums, and on the ones that have a section to discuss computers in general, I have read all kinds of computer horror stories, for both Mac and PC.

    I think the worse story that I read, was this one lady bought a brand new computer. She plugged it in, turned it on, and it exploded, followed by a puff of smoke coming out of the top of the Tower. If I had read all of those stories before I bought my first computer, then I never would have bought one. I would have said, "Forget it! This technology isn't perfected yet."

    What I have leared about computers over the past two years is this. They are like buying brand new cars. You pick the car that you want. However, you have either picked the best one in the lot, or you picked the lemon, and you don't know which one it is going to be until you get it home.

    Well, it works the same way in the computer world. You can buy their most top of the line model. However, you grabed the one that is either the best one on the shelf, or you grabed the lemon.

    When I go on the many forums that I belong to and go onto their computer section. I see an endless list of horror stories for both PC and Mac. I mean I am reading those post and really gasping in absolute shock.

    However, I feel your pain. I wouldn't like buying a brand new Mac or PC and to get it home and work, and work, and work on it just so it can sort of work. If I pay a but kicking price tag for a computer, I expect a but kicking performance from it. With no hassels. Nobody likes having to teach their computer how it is suppose to act.

    All that I can say on your behalf at this point is good luck with Plan B.

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    Yea i bought the 800 mhz one. Oh well.

    There has to be some people who've tried mac, didn't like it and went back, arn't there? or they just don't hang around afterwards?

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    The people that are very decisive do like you said.. they just don't hang around afterwards, but those that are willing to try again because they might have had a lemon, or for whatever reason, those people usually hang around a bit longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murlyn
    The people that are very decisive do like you said.. they just don't hang around afterwards, but those that are willing to try again because they might have had a lemon, or for whatever reason, those people usually hang around a bit longer.
    I'm not saying i'd never be willing to try another mac, but they would have fix quite a few things before i did. My friends ibook g3's logic board just failed, and he's had it for 4 months or so, apple said they can't do anything for him... Now he feels the same way i do...i dont' get it. :confused:

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    You have a right to your own opinion, but there is one point that I heartily disagree with you and that is the customer support. Sure it only lasts 90 days, but the support you get is so much better than any support you will get with a PC. If you are willing to spend some extra money for the applecare (which everyone should if they can) you get the best customer support there is. If you call tech support for windows it is outsourced to India and it is unbelievably awful. You can't understand them and they are no help. When I was with windows and had problems their tech support consisted of "Sir I'm sorry your having problems, we need you to ship in the unit." IMO, its microsoft who doesn't care about their customers. And why should they, they have the dominant share of the market and don't feel a need to tend to their customers. That is one of the reasons that I switched and will never go back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lnetubaplyr
    Hello everyone.
    About 4 months ago I purchased a mac, my first one, after hearing all the raves about them, i decided to spend 1800 on a new 12 ibook G4. Here I am now sitting on my new Athlon 64 3200+ notebook, and never EVER want to look back at the horrible months behind me.

    Consider this your warning, if you're considering switching from a pc to a mac, please, don't waste your money, you will regret it. I know many people here will challange this statement, but imo it was a total loss. I sold it for 1200, loosing 600 dollars, and also loosing a major headache.

    Why you ask? Here is a small list for you people thinking about switching;
    1. Constant lock up, ie. finder, so much for that rock hard unix!
    2. Annoying interface, somthing about it just bugged me!
    3. Crappy tech support, 90 days? come on, what a rip
    4. Don't listen to people who say they are faster than pcs. I bought this and EVERYONE told me an 800mhz G4 would be faster than my 1.5ghz Celeron, DO NOT LISTEN!
    5. 1800 dollars on a LOW END system.

    I could go on, but I won't. Again, consider yourself warned, if you switch, you will regret it.

    So long, farewell,

    I never saw Finder lock up. Must be luck of the draw for you.
    Tech support is set to 90 days because as with ANY company, Apple would like you to buy their Apple Care plan. I am a PC user, have been all my life. Do not even try and tell me that there is a company out there that is willing to give you 100% phone support for free. Dell doesn't even do that. If you are lucky enough to get someone their name is Bob, they live in India, and you're lucky if they understand you and you're blessed if you understand them.
    Annoying interface? This appears to be user specific. Not a problem that Apple will, should, or can deal with.
    Faster than a PC? Sounds like you got suckered into the MHz Myth big time. Apples aren't faster than all PCs. Apples do however deal with certain applications better than a PC ever can. I know, I've tested a few myself. Photoshop on a 1.67ghz Powerbook vs Photoshop on a 2.4ghz P4 with three times the ram. Yeah, 800MHz isn't fantastic, but you can certianly do more with 800MHz on a Mac than you can a PC. Even if I did not own a Mac I'd stand by this. I am new to Mac....1.5 weeks old really and I can say this without conviction.

    I think that your issues are really user issues not issues that are valid enough to warrant finding Apple to be some poor company. I am sorry you are pissed off and honestly, you will go back to your PC world having knowledge of what a Mac is and that is fine by all of us. I speak for only myself, but I'd venture to guess there isn't a soul here that will beg you to stick around. The same would hold true if I were writing a post similar to yours.
    Moreover, he who whines in threads about the price of an apple should seriously hide the fact that you are one of the many morons who buys AlienWare PCs. As those are in fact regular old PCs stuck in fancy cases. AlienWare was smart...toss stuff into a fancy shell and sell it for 3x market value.

    Good luck to you in your ventures. I love my PC to death and will continue to use it, but I also love my Mac. My PC needs a bit more monitoring than my Mac, but all in all it is a fantastic system. I am sure you'll be happy...hopefully Microsoft contacted you about Longhorn---wouldn't want you to have interface issues....where would you go then?


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    Just a note in case others fall in the same trap as me and do not check dates on posts. The original post is from 8 months ago.

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    Yeah, I'm afraid this person is long gone by now. It's like talking to a dead plant.

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    as fun as it might be, its pointless to kick a dead horse

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