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    Back to desktop button??
    Is there a button/series of buttons on the keyboard that will minimize the program/game I am in and take me to the desktop?

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    In a fullscreen game... not usually. You can try command-M (that works in StarCraft at least), maybe command-H, but check the instructions for the given game.

    For anything that runs in a window, if you're on panther, hit either F10 or F11. (I think it's F11, but I changed the buttons on mine long ago.) The windows will be swept off to the side so you can access your desktop.

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    Back to desktop button??
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    command M works for most blizzard games..
    command- tab
    escape may work
    or thers always classic

    command q
    command option esc

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    Command q & command+ option + esc will quit the program/game I am in?

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    Back to desktop button??
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    Command Q is the standard shortcut for quit. Same as Alt-F4 on Windows if you're used to that.

    Command - Option - Esc is force quit, or Ctrl-Alt-Del on windows. Use that if your program freezes. You can also go to the apple menu and select force quit, or control-click on the program's icon in the dock.
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    Back to desktop button??
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    There is command H also, F11 works great!

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    With Expose in Panther you can assign a hot corner or function key to show the desktop.

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