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    Books for Switchers
    I'm currently saving for my first Mac. As it stands I work with one at work but that's it.

    I'm planning to get a new MacBook Pro once they put the Merom's in. So in order to spend my pre mac time more efficiently (rather than visiting the apple site and store 3 times a week to drool)

    what books (on Apple, Mac, OSX, etc) would you recommend I read whilst I wait? I'm pretty darn fluent on the Windoze platform and have become the go to "computer (PC) guy" at work so I'd like to get a leg up on working my Mac before I get it.

    Any suggestions? I've heard some good things about "Missing Manual Tiger" but as I trust you more than reviews what advice would you give me?

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    actually a member on our own forums is currently writing a switcher's book. She did have a sample at one time, and probably has even more to look at now. Send lil(el eye el) a private message or an email, explain the situation and ask about it, shes very kind.

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