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Thread: New to Macs - picked three at the dumpsters !

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    New to Macs - picked three at the dumpsters !
    Hi, I picked up two A1224's from '08 and '09. One has Core 2 Duo 2.4ghz. and one has 2.0 ghz processor. They have 250 gig HD's. The A1186 is from Jan. 08 and has a 2.6ghz quad core , a 500 gig HD (new in 2015 written on it). Now here's a thing I'm not sure of: on the two removable PCBs, there is a pair of 2gig (memory[Ram ?] banks) on one, and a pair of 4gig on the other.
    The A1224's both boot up, but prompt to reinstall OSX Mountain Lion. The tower powers up, but I have no peripherals yet. Is it possible to use one of the A1224's as a monitor for the tower ?
    Also, there's a "Mountain Lion 10.8 " reinstall disc on Fleabay for $12 bucks. Would this work for me to get one or more of these running for me to play with ? Nothing important, just fooling around with something different (from PC's). Thanks !

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    Jump over to to find specifics on how to repair and install on macs. Great resource for "how to" guides.

    No, you can not use the iMacs as a monitor for the Mac Pro but any monitor will work with it provided it has a video card.

    I would suggest you get Mountain Lion from Apple. That way you are assured it is a universal copy that will install. It is 19.99 from Apple.

    If you have another functioning mac download Mactracker from the app store. It is free and has information on all mac models and also all the versions of OS plus more.

    Have fun with them and post back if you have more questions.

    Recommend using Onyx to clean your Mac.
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    Congrats on the nice dumpster finds!

    - Nick
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    Thanks so much for the solid advice Lisa !

    Thanks Nick.


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    The A1224's both boot up, but prompt to reinstall OSX Mountain Lion.

    Go for it and it may work and no extra cost.

    - Patrick

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