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Thread: Small full screen in Google chrome

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    Small full screen in Google chrome
    When I select full screen, regardless of website (ex. Netflix, Hulu, or sports) the full screen is centered in the screen and small. I use Google Chromecast regularly and it appears like this but even when I disconnect from the Chromecast and am trying to watch on my macbook, it shows up the same way. Please help!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    That is how it supposed to work. What goes to Full Screen is the application, in this case the browser, but the stuff on the browser stays the same size. For browsers the image size is set basically by the website. However, you can zoom in to make the text/images larger with CMD and the "+" key. CMD and the "-" key make it smaller again. So if what you want is to go full screen with a larger image, go full screen, then CMD+ until it's the size you want.

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