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Thread: Simple question-simple answer for simple soul?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pm-r View Post
    Thanks for the HS heads-up Rod, and BTW: I didn't find sawday's post to be sarcastic at all. A nice straight forward "simple answer", just as requested!!

    BTW: Which Mac or OS X is having the TM problem???

    - Patrick
    Thank you Patrick. It wasn't meant to be sarcastic in any way, shape or form. I just thought the OP was being rather pedantic for no good reason. Glad it's all sorted now though.
    Experience teaches you to recognise a mistake when you make it again.

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    Good afternoon Sawday, I am so sorry I took you to task over FFS, as I said I am aware of it's meaning and I do not like swearing in any shape or form. As a result I got my back up and lost all control of common sense. That is most unlike me but I feel my frustration level must have been quite high; so sorry my friend as I am normally quite placid. Lost it big time - sorry.

    Very best regards from Keith in Derby.
    You failed to prepare, now prepare to fail.

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    Very best regards from Keith in Derby.
    OT, but…

    BTW sllewk: I like your sig:
    You failed to prepare, now prepare to fail.

    Sort of a takeoff of the various "P Rule" I gather??
    6 P - Proper Planning Prevents **** Poor Production
    7P - Proper Prior Planning Prevents **** Poor Performance


    And I see they are up to the 12 P mark now…

    - Patrick

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