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    Post Screen issue after dropping.....sos
    Hi all.
    2017 15" MacBook pro, i dropped it flat from 5ft, it survived however a month down the line the screen has worsening problems. At the start a month ago the screen froze, now it will white out with line horizontally, further freezing and or blackout. Depending where i position the screen (the more vertical the worse) depends on the severity of its issues. It is out of warranty and i feel its a loose connection. Before i take it to Apple on Monday does anyone have any similar stories or advice? A new screen is 500 which id proffer to avoid.

    Worth rebooting new driver provided from Apple or is it a definite hardware issue?
    Thanks Andy

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    Your 2017 MBP was eligible for coverage until 2020 if you purchased the additional 2 years before your first year of ownership expired, looks like you haven't done that.

    Since it is out of warranty, follow the instructions from for your vintage MBP and take it apart and try to reset any loose connections yourself first. If that doesn't fix it, then you might go see Apple about having them tell you how much its going to cost to fix it (which is going to be more than you doing it yourself or buying the parts and doing it yourself).

    If the screen changes based on how you angle it, it is DEFINITELY a hardware issue.

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    thank you

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