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Thread: iMac lcd screen will not light up REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!

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    Unhappy iMac lcd screen will not light up REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!
    Apple iMac27 i7 2011 3.4 Ghz

    Only 3 led lights will come on!
    I put in new power supply!
    I put in new backlight board!
    I bought another monitor!
    I got new 3 new ribbons.

    Computer starts with external monitor works fine.
    I while ago I put in monitor ribbon that has a pin missing it went black after a few minutes.
    Since then the screen will not light up.
    I tried everything I can think of
    Have you ever run into this or heard of this problem.

    So Im thinking it the old ribbon did something to the motherboard.
    I took out motherboard it looks good no bulging capacitors or leaks but i did notice a little white residue on front of motherboard under 2 capacitors.
    very little.

    Im trying to fix this myself never done this before.
    I have been working on it for months learning as I go..
    Any ideas.
    I am really getting depressed over this.
    I dont have anymore money I live on fixed income.
    This is the only computer I have.

    I appreciate your interest I am not a technician DYI
    In fact Im using it with my tv monitor now!


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    Welcome to our forums.

    You might want to go to and take a look at their take apart and fix instructions. Good luck.
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