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Thread: How to repair white MacBook (2010)

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    Unhappy How to repair white MacBook (2010)
    Okay, I have dropped my MacBook and now there is a crack right on the place where the power jack is. I can also see that the power jack is pushed in so it won't charge when I connect the charger, it is also a bit loose. I know it works because there is still a small connection (In dark I can see the green light). And I'm not a rich guy and I really need this computer, so how do I make sure that it can charge again? I have seen people replacing RAM but I need god advices to fix the power jack. I can't afford anything right now
    If I would let Apple repair then they would change the whole case and that would cost me a lot.

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    Crazy Glue, or an epoxy might be the answer.Be careful with the Crazy Glue, don't get your fingers stuck together.Should that happen, finger nail polish remover works. Good Luck. Van

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    I would advise extreme caution. You've cited a problem with your power connector, which could mean that an improper repair will pose a fire hazard. I understand you haven't a lot of money, but this might be one of those instances in which getting something done professionally is worth the cost.

    Good luck,


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    There are some guides at but I caution you that what you are about to attempt is a fairly complicated repair and you could end up doing more damage if you're not skilled/careful/handy.

    I'm with Shikarnov on this one.

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    My friend did the same thing and he took it to a local mac shop and got it repaired for free. That may be an option. Try taking the bottom panel off and pushing the charger connector back out.

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