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    Transfer macbook pro HD to external HD
    Hi, I appreciate any help, my macbook pro crashed the other day and turns out it was just the graphics card. I need to copy the HD, I was instructed from the genius bar to start up holding T, when I go to copy my macbook pro HD to my external HD it says I will have to know the password of the user..ect. then after about 8gb of copying it fails. PLEASE HELP, is there another way of copying the HD?

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    Can you explain more clearly how you're doing the copying? I'm assuming that you're trying to use Target Disk Mode to do the copying? (start up holding T) You can't use Target mode to copy to an external hard disk. You can only use Target mode to boot from another Mac attached by firewire and then copy from the hard drive of the crashed computer.

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    macbook HD
    I was instructed to start my computer holding down t, I am unable to log into my computer if it boots regularly. This start up mode allows me to use another mac, connect them using a fire wire cable and an external HD. I was just opening the finder and literally copying the entire HD using ctrl c and ctrl v to my external HD, this is when I got the message saying that I will need permission to access the system preferences. I will try the link that was attached, Thank you for your time.

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