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    Mar 24, 2012
    Question MacBook Pro or iMac ???

    I am new in the Mac universe and need and advise about my next Mac.

    I am about to start my own company - I need a computer to do "serious" editing in Photoshop ... and later on perhaps some video editing as well. I own a 13" MacBook Pro which will not do the job for me.

    Which one should I choose??

    MacBook Pro 15" (top specs)
    2,5 quad-core i7
    8 gb ram
    Graphics 1 gb
    512 gb ssd hard disk + 27" Thunderbolt Display


    iMac 27" (top specs)
    3,4 quad-core i7
    16 gb memory
    Graphics 2 gb
    2 tb serial ATA + 256 ssd hard disk.

    Will I be apple to feel the iMacs more power? - or is the MacBook strong enough for me?

    By the way ... Is it worth spending the extra (lot of) money for the SSD hard disk.

    Please let me hear your advise - thanks.


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    There's no doubt just on specs alone the iMac trumps the MBP, from what I understand about PS it will use the resources you have.
    Unless you have a need to be portable, go the iMac
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    Don't waste your money on Apple RAM, but it from an online retailer and D.I.Y.

    Money you'd save could go towards the SSD.
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    You can buy 16gb of ram for the macbook pro for like $250. Just do that, and I don't see there being any problems in needing more power.

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    MacBookPro, 15", iCore 7, 8GB, Thunderbolt Display
    i have the mbp + thunderbolt and use both for my business - i LOVE that i can carry my complete office with me when on travel.
    i use photoshop and it works perfectly... i have the icore 7 + 8 gb ram
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    I agree with TheMacMania -- it comes down to a question of portability. The SSDs are lovely and sooo ridiculously fast BUT soooo expensive still (coming down slowly though).

    My dream system would be the MBP one you lay out there, as I need portability still. If it wasn't for that I'd go with the iMac system you mention.

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