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    I finaly got my network set up...and of course the mac is wireless! Now I all I have to do is figure out how to share files between the two (PC and Mac). This mac is amazing. Im glad I made the switch. :mac:

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    Not a techie at all but I think you will need virtual pc to integrate your mac into your pc network and it should file share etc fine...

    I may be completely wrong on this by the way - as I said, im not a techie
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    No, you don't need Virtual PC to share files.

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    no you don't need VPC, it should just work, in ur network folder the other macs and pcs should be listed, or try
    system preferences>sharing> check the boxes
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    Can we link to other forums? Because theres a certain guide at a certain macrumors that should help. link . Is that what your looking for, or have you already set that up?

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