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    To all Mac experts, please help!
    Hello everyone, Im in the mist of buying my first Apple Mac G5 machine and two iBook G4.

    I dont have much experience with the Mac OS X software because I've only used PC's for the most of my days.

    Im a student at the University of Derby, United Kingdom. And in my final year, I've decided to make software that would run on both platforms (Windows and Apple).

    At home I run a Windows network, two servers running Window 2003 (one of these servers is a dedicated hardware firewall running Microsoft ISA 2004 and the other Server runs the Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Media and File service).

    I have three Windows XP client machines. Im considering replacing two of my client machines with Apple iBook G4.

    Will Mac OS X work well with Microsoft technolgies mainly Active Directory? Would there be major problems? Does Mac OS X have different internet requirements such as TCP ports etc...

    Plus Im a musician, Ive been using my PC based system (DAW) to record my music, although Im very happy with the PC, could I get a better result with an Apple Mac solution?

    I also develop websites and web based technologies that work for Windows based machines, could i still achieve this using an Apple Mac solution.

    I feel that if Im able to develop applications on more than one platform (other than Windows) I could achieve greater understanding and appriecation for other platforms.

    I would be ever so grateful if someone could help me on this, my budget is around <= 4000 is this sufficent?

    I would like to add an Apple Mac solution to my network and to develop applications for both platforms.

    I enjoy using Windows based machines, in which i get great performance, realiability and ease of use, I upgrade my network several times a year just to keep up with software requirements, with an Apple Mac solution, would it be mandatory to upgrade due to new Apple Mac software?

    Again thankyou for reading my post. Please do help. Im a complete newbie to Apple.

    Again thanks, and hope to see some replys. thanks again.

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    1.For the networking. just plug in and go. Macs and PCs can talk to each other fine.

    2. For your music on a mac. use garage band.(included with each mac U buy) it is a great program and is very easy to use.

    3.For web development, i reccomend using macromedia's dreamweaver.(if adobe hasent ended production of it yet)

    4.As for the upgrading, it seems that a new version of mac OS X comes out every year or so. U could probally buy the family pack of OS X so U only have to buy 1 copy.(installes on up to 3 macs)

    Good Luck on your purchase! I know U will enjoy working on macs.
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    Brilliant thanks, next time i will post in the right section. Thanks again

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