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    Seemless integration of SFTP into Finder
    Hi Apple fans !

    It's my first post in this Forum because I just bought a Macbook and I'm just starting to play with it.

    I was curious to see what OSX would offer me since I've been a Linux fan for the past 6 years.

    As a Web developper, what strikes me the most is the lack of integration of FTP/SFTP into Finder. My daily job requires me to edit tens of files on live servers (small modifications), so I must be able to log on to the servers and directly edit the files (not download via an FTP client, edit, re-upload with the FTP client).

    Also, I'm used to working from home and all my office files are on my office server, the office. Therefore, I need to explore my office files as if they were in my computer, not having to download them first before viewing/editing them.

    Does anybody know why Apple decided to not include the SFTP protocol in their Finder, and also why FTP is accepted but only as a readonly connection ?

    Thanks !


    P.S. It's so far the only complaint I've got, besides maybe the terminal that's less powerful than my Linux boxes but that shall be discussed in another thread !

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    I was happy to see that there was an open source alternative (MacFusion), but it keeps giving errors when I try to mount SFTP disks, same with many users on forums. The project hasn't been updated since 2008 and the support is inexistant so too bad !

    Also, instead of using ExpanDrive I'll stick to Transmit which mounts SFTP drives and let you play with them in Finder just like if they were local. Cool, but you still must pay for it.

    I still don't understand why it doesn't come by default !

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