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    converting images to 256 colors
    I'm using XnView to do screenshot captures of old DOS games (in which the graphics were in 256 colors) in Windows XP. I played these games in DOSbox. At game (and DOSbox) exit, there is a dialog box that asks me what color mode I'd like to save these screenshots in, but it's locked on "true color" with no way to change the color mode.

    So I tried opening a screenshot in XnView and trying to convert to 256 colors -

    1) original image;

    2) attempting to convert to 256 colors from within XnView;

    3) the color conversion has no effect;

    4) when I click "save", this dialog box is locked on True Color (it comes up upon DOSbox/game exit after using XnView to capture the gameplay screenshots) with no way to change this True Color setting;

    Does anyone know of any way I can fix these screenshots? Some OS X program which I can d/l for free?

    I did a color count on one of the images and the color count averages 9000+ colors.

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    If you ran it in Safe Mode would it force it to 256 colors?

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    Give Graphic Converter a go
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    Toy Viewer will do a colour reduction to 256.
    Freeware ~ just make sure you download the right one for your OS.

    ToyViewer for Mac OS X
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