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    Wireless connection

    I have a router set up on my main computer ( Windows XP ). How do I connect to it so I can read files from windows to my ibook.

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    Wireless connection
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    turn on the airport card in your ibook, setup the airport card in network preferences, turn sharing on on both machines. thats about it, the ibook should automatically sense the signal, you just have to set the xp box to let it share.

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    Wireless connection
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    when you get everything shared, in the finder window click on network. it will take a minute or two before your pc will show up. mine does at least. hope this helps.

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    Wireless connection
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    you must be asking yourself, is it really that easy, the answer is yes, once every thing is set up, it actually is that easy. Once the iBook is getting a signal, and the file shareing is set up in the XP machine, it is really really easy to share files, its actually easier then betweenn to xp machines.
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