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    I've been waiting too long for this Mac mini to come in. I sold all my earthly posessions...and now Apple is making me wait, and wait...
    I can't take it anymore! Someone give me a Powerbook and an iMac G5

    Before I cry. neye:

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    i feel your pain 2 1/2 weeks for my precious ibook..its worth the wait man! :miner:

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    Its ok, your depression makes you even hotter now. Come see me.

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    I know what you mean, a friend of mine is going through the same thing, apple told him it will be a few months.

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    I had the same thing with my imac G5...

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    I thought I had it bad at 1.5 weeks. You can go to the local store and buy these things. If you have a local store nearby I guess. Someone should buy a few dozen and resell them on Ebay.

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    i order a mac mini on 3/20/05 it was shipped on 3/24/05 so now im waiting for it o arrive its a gift though, when i get a computer i think ill get it at the apple store,thats what i did with my imac buut if i get an ibook im not sure.... if it take a month to get ur computer [which it will not] it will still be worth the wait

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