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Thread: Ram questioning

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    Ram questioning

    SO from my understanding I can use any pc2100 ddr ram into my ibook as long as its notebook ram ofcourse. So if I goto bestbuy and buy any kind of ram thats 2100 ddr it should work right ? im just making sure before I spend the money. Im a total mac hardware newb :dummy:

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    No it is not regular DDR ram, you need whats called SO-DIM DDR Ram, it is much smaller then the standard DDR sticks found in nonlaptop computers. To get an idea of exactly the type of memory you need click this link, comes right from apple store:,46

    I'm not sure if bestbuy carries that type of RAM, then again I never really looked for it.

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    so pc laptops dont use PC2100 DDR266 SO-DIMM ??

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    I take that back, here is a list of pricing from bestbuy for ram that is available for your laptop.

    Keep in mind you do not have to match the speed of the ram, it just will not perform to its max. IE: My mac mini process pc2700 however I put a stick of pc3200 it just access at a lower clock speed. Bestbuy however might not be your cheapest place to locate ram. Try,,,

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    where can I find out the spec for my ram on my powerbook 12'??

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    nevermind you answered it up there

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    newegg is the cheapest ! 512 stick there with really good reviews for $60 thats what i'll get later.

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