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    MP3 Ripper

    Hey Everyone, I'm trying to rip my CD's to mp3's. On my PC I would just use audiograbber and it connected to freedb to get all the titles and such. Is there a comparable program for the mac? I'de like it to be able to connect to CDDB or FreeDB if at all possible. Thanks

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    iTunes (

    It should already be on your Mac.

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    You'll find that most members here prefer iTunes. I do too! I won't use anything else.

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    Aha, I had "ripper" stuck in my head, didnt think about import.... LOL Thanx man

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    Is there anyone to get it to display.... Author - Track Name

    Instead of making a artist folder, then CD name, then just displaying the title. I'm a DJ so I prefer just to have the Author - Track name listed. Any plugins for this?

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    go to the library then click edit > view options > and then select what ever you want to disply. the track title will always show. i then tried to re-arrange the columns but i couldn figure it out

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