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    Question Insert Key
    I working with mind mapping software on the web that requires the user to press the "insert" key to create a new idea.

    Now of course my macbook does not have this key.

    Can anyone help me with an alternative??

    Thank you

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    Have you got space to use an external keyboard? That's the way I'd deal with it, buy a generic PC USB keyboard. They're cheap, they work well with OS X - and they have the Insert key! I should add though that some applications interpret the Insert key as the Help menu, and in Finder it appears to do nothing.

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    Unhappy P.s.
    I should have mentioned that as I wish to use this with a class - adding an external keybard is not an option.


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    Take a look at this site (Where's my Insert key?! - Mac Forums, as a couple of people had the same issue with a different program and found a workaround that hopefully will work for you. Hope this helps!

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    Still no luck
    Thanks David but no luck there

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    Telling us the name of the software may help.
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