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    Dec 19, 2008
    When using terminal ...
    I will look for a file but then it says some thing like
    .: ..: filename argument required and something else.?
    what does it mean?

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    Does it actually say "something else", or is there just something else you can't remember? It'd would help to be more specific if the answer is the latter.
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    Dec 19, 2008
    no it does not say "something else" but i am sure it says file argument required and then :. or .: but there are dots...a few..
    sorry i am not much help, i will try it again and write it word for word.
    Thank you! says."is a directory"

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    What exactly are you typing in?

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    Under UNIX . and .. represent the current directory and the parent directory respectively. Ancient UNIX secrets, really. So to refer to a file in the current directory, you could use ./whateverthefileis.txt for a file that's where you are currently positioned, or ../whateverthefiles.txt for a file that's up in the directory above you.

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