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    Apple Magazines?

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    Apple Magazines?

    Any recommendations for a good Apple-centric publication? I'm familiar with the flood of PC media, but I've never noticed any Apple ones. Now that my iBook is on the way, I thought I'd see if there were any good magazines.

    I'll probably head down to Powell's bookstore (reason enough to visit Portland, OR, btw!!!) tomorrow to see for myself, but if you have a title you truly enjoy, lemme know.

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    How about Mac Format, or ICreate

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    Apple Magazines?
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    Apple Magazines?
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    This is something that interests me as well, and those two examples listed so far are exactly what I'm looking for... but unfortunatly they are UK publications which means they will cost a fortune to get here in the states. Does anyone have any suggestions of US publications like the Mac Format one above?


    nevermind, the macworld one was posted while I was writing this. :blind:

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    Apple Magazines?
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    I think you get a free year subscription to MacWorld when you register your iBook. I also like MacAddict.
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    Apple Magazines?
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    The only one I get is MacAddict, which I just received my copy today.
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    Desolate One
    I keep meaning to subscribe to MacAddict but keep putting it off.

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    does anyone know of publications in australia?

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    How to do everything with your iMac byTodd Stauffer.It's a book, but well written and explains everything you need to know to get started.

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    Umm Macworld has an Australian edition, though looking at it I wasn't inclined to buy it, I guess its not aimed at users like me, so now I just rely on the web and game reviews from at0mic MPC

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