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    Attachment preview

    I am using mail. I go to send a picture, so I click on the paper clip to attach a file. It launches a Finder looking window, but with only detail and column view. i click my way through to the folder where my photos are. I want to attach a photo but can't see a preview to know which picture I am attaching. Is it possible that there is NO PREVIEW in the attacher. if so it is useless because I can't determine which one to attach. Please advise. Thanks.

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    Attachment preview

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    Umm..not so sure with your question..but..the easiest way to attach images is just to drag them into the message...:mac:

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    Desolate One
    Quote Originally Posted by ApplejustWorks
    Umm..not so sure with your question..but..the easiest way to attach images is just to drag them into the message...:mac:
    You can do that in Mail? Sweet!

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    I found out precisely what you suggested. When I compose a message, I will NOT select the paper clip to attach because it is essentially USELESS unless you know the name of the file. But instead, to attach a file, I will launch finder, locate the picture or file by means of the "preview" feature and drag it onto the message.
    This is the second drawback to Apple so far allong with the lack of multiple thumbnails for movies. The single click by click to preview each file is obsolete coming from XP. I also miss being able to tell the finder what view to permanently reside on. No folder preview icons like xp. But overall, many things are better, with these easy to implement improvements, OS X would be unbeatable.

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    yeah i myself find some quirks with finder that i would like have more features of xp, but then again, explorer.exe is a pile of ****, and windows sucks terribly, i would rathar have a slightly simplified 'finder' than a crashing peice of crap.

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    I agree. I love Apple; it is like a beautiful merceds compared to a car with electrical problems that breaks down constantly. My Xp was stable, but it still did not have this reliable fee or quality to it.
    I hope Apple adopts these OBVIOUSLY necessary options. Once you have used a good feature, it is hard to live without. I NEED to be able to see folders with content icons and files with thumbnails. I am using work arounds like movie monage for thumbnails to sort out clips to be edited. I use iPhoto to browse ALL my pictures, then I'll drag and drop. It is maybe a matter of getting used to new work arounds that eventually turn out to be even better; ie Movie Montage. i love it.

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    attachment preview
    Maybe the spotlight and finder features in "Tiger" will improve things a little.

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