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Thread: iphone voice breaking up

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    Jul 16, 2016
    iphone voice breaking up
    iphone 5s voice breaking up, i can hear them but they
    cant hear me my voice breaks up they cant hear me.
    Have tried hard reset, also the carier settings dont allow
    me to turn voice and data off seperatly for 3g and lte

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    If your transmissions are breaking up in all areas of your travel with the phone it could indicate a problem with the phone. You didn't mention who your carrier is but should be contacted to see if the problem might be on their end. Also, make sure your 5s battery is serviceable and providing enough power. A weak or failing battery can cause the same symptoms. Another thing: Has you phone been dropped or had water get into or on it?

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    Jul 16, 2016
    I live in Denmark my carrier is Telenor.
    There is no problem with battery and has
    not been wet at anytime.
    I have found if i change from 4g to 3g
    helps this problem normaly when set to
    4g or lte it tries to obtain this if possible
    with the signal if not it goes down to 3g
    and in border areas between 4g and 3g
    it whips back and forth between them
    making my voice break up, thats my theory.
    But i can not see how on the latest ios
    software to seperate 4g 3g voice and
    This typical for apple software updates
    it seems quite often to break something
    in the apps or op system.

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