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    Fantastic way to remove deeply broken headphone jack from port
    I created an account and am only posting this because I know it will be incredibly helpful to people in my former, soundless situation. So, I have discovered a way to remove any broken headphone jack, regardless of how deeply stuck it is, from a notebook, and it is absurdly easy. This was after thinking I would have to disassemble my computer, or replace the logic port for $500. Thank god, none of this is necessary, and I implore you to try this method before bothering yourself with any of that.

    Take a pen (a bic I suppose). Take it apart. Remove the plastic, skinny, cylindrical portion from the pen (it contains the ink and the tip, along with a long, empty side. Stick the empty side into your macbook port. More than likely, it will not fit. Remove it, and gently mold the opening with whatever you want (I used a toothpick, carefully), a little at a time, while testing it over and over again until it finally is just wide enough to slide over the broken headphone jack, while still remaining tight enough to grip the broken piece with sufficient friction. Then, push it over the broken piece, and pull it out. Major WOW factor involved.

    I literally almost took my computer apart after finding out I would need to pay $500. My dad is the one who discovered this method. After a full year of having an incredibly deep break in the port and consequently no sound, he had it out in 10 minutes. Unbelievable. Don't be a fool and use the glue method. This is an incredible trick that YOU NEED TO TRY FIRST.

    The apple store told me it was way, way too deep to ever be retrieved without replacing the logic port. Apple store, you've been owned.
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    How on earth did you break a headphone jack? It's steel. A shearing force applied to the jack when in the headphone socket would likely damage the socket first. Interested to know how it happened.

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    If you do a search in our forums for "broken headphone jack" you'll easily get a full page of hits. The male part of the headphone input of most earbuds is made of a lot softer metal than it looks and can break off if the buds are accidentally pulled sideways. Also if they're stepped on or tripped over. Anyway, stuff happens.

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    @NeuroNorth That's a neat tip. Never had this problem but glad to know this is a possibility. It's certainly a better solution than any of the glue tricks I've seen.
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    Another method is to use a small drill bit and wedge it in the tip that is stuck in the jack [see pic] then pull straight out -- Forget the glue method.

    The apple store told me it was too deep to ever be retrieved without replacing the logic port. Apple store, you've been owned.

    They just did not want the liability. They gain nothing by getting it out but, if they ruin something trying...
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    One way I found if the outer plastic is off and there is a little nub, use a pen ink pipe and hot glue. Make sure pen ink pipe can fit over nub first. Dab of glue inside rim of pipe and put over nub, let it set and pull it out.
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