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  1. Thanks you a rockstar :)

    Thanks you a rockstar :)
  2. J2SE Or API Documentation

    Hi - I am trying to download the API Documentation but the list is huge: Java Platform SE 7

    The book says look for J2SE or API Documentation and download it however nothing on the website is...
  3. Thanks vansmith, I downloaded the JDK - However...

    Thanks vansmith, I downloaded the JDK - However there does not seem to be any application for this in my Apps folder once I installed it, would I not need to launch this as an app once installed?
  4. Programming for Dummies. Need help please

    Hi All, I just got Programming with Java for Dummies and in the book he mentions to start programming I need the following 3 downloads:

    Mac Java Compiler: I have downloaded Text Wrangler
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