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Thread: The best alarm clock for the deaf?

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    The best alarm clock for the deaf?
    Hello Everyone,

    I have a twin brother who is completely deaf,

    Although he has a cochlear implant,
    He does not wear it at night obviously,

    And we want to buy him one of those vibrating alarm clocks,
    Have any of you bought one of those?

    I want it to be really good, I don't want to waste money if it will not wake him up, he is also taking sleeping pills (Ambien) at night, so it needs to be REALLY GOOD!

    What's your input?
    Have any recommendations as far as brand and such?
    I don't want to spend too much, i've read about the sonic boom kind that go under your pillow and that seems good and at a good price, but is there any better?



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    to be honest mac forums is probably not your best place. but leave the thread a few days just in case someone has any ideas.

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    Well this may work, if he/she puts it by their bed or sleeps with it:


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    Quote Originally Posted by XMARLTONX View Post
    Well this may work, if he/she puts it by their bed or sleeps with it:

    dope idea...and that girl's hot.
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    I use my phone and I set it on vibrate. It sits on my wardrobe across the room. It flashes lights (multi colored) and vibrates in the morning. The lights are what seem to wake me more than anything. I like it and its very low stress. As opposed to the fallout siren sound of an alarm clock.
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    There's also those natural light alarm clocks that are supposed to simulate ambient light filling the room. Here's a link to one, although there are some others on the market I think, that one's cool in that it has aroma therapy as well. That way it stimulates several senses other than just auditory.

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    My step brother is deaf and he uses this setup where when the alarm clock goes off it has a huge vibrator that he puts under his pillow and it wakes him up.. I have no clue where to find one but I would assume a simple google search on "deaf alarm clock" would come up with a lot of options.

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    you might want to give something like this a try. It is very annoying, which I think is what you would want in this case

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    I'm sorry that I resurrect the old topic, but it's just that I myself once encountered this issue, and spent a lot of time to find really useful information, I hope that in the future it will be useful to someone

    There are specialized smoke alarms available for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These have a strobe light and/or a vibrating pad that can be placed under the pillow which activates when the alarm sounds and can be interconnected with conventional audible alarms in different locations within the home.But seriously, I know the problem very well, my brain will adapt to any alarm sound in a matter of weeks, then it just blends it out. That's why I only set the alarm when I really need it (putting it at the other end of the room also helps, that way you have to get up to switch it off!), otherwise I'd end up broke but with a huge alarm clock collection. One of the advantages of working freelance is that I can mostly make my own hours, so most of the time I don't really need an alarm. As a consequence my day-night cycle is currently like 4 hours different from most other people's though, which can lead to its own host of problems.Also,I have been using the Fitbit for over 3 years, and the One for over a year, I love them and the sleep mode and alarm are great. Are you having issues syncing the device, if so to what app. I may be able to help you. Also a good source if you are on Facebook, check out FitBit friends they can help a lot I learn new things everyday.
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    I'm sorry that I resurrect the old topic, but it's just that I myself once encountered this issue, and spent a lot of time to find really useful information, I hope that in the future it will be useful to someone
    It's OK. Although the original post is now going on 11 years old, since it's in our lounge area, replying to it to add info is appropriate.

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